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Recipes from the Podcast

series reading list: cookbooks & other sustainable reads

The Podcast Series Reading List A brief selection of my favorite books and other resources by folks we spoke to for the series – and which taken together are a scrumptious guide to sustainable baking.     BAKING CLASSES Said M’Dahoma produces fantastic online baking classes open to all levels. His background as a PhD...

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Honey Oat Pan Loaf (Episode 7)

Can we make sandwiches worthy of the moniker "the best thing since sliced bread?" This recipe answers that question – deliciously.

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White Wheat Cake (Episode 6)

Regional mills are making our flour more resilient – and our cakes and bread tastier! Try this recipe for a White Wheat Cake.

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Kernza Bread (Episode 5)

We may need new grains because of climate change – here's a delicious, perennial recipe for our bread future.

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Sourdough Vegan Crazy Cake (Episode 4)

A major contributor to climate change happens right in our kitchen: food waste. But we have a recipe idea to help solve it!

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Vegan Oreo Cruffins (Episode 3)

Do we need to bake plant-based for the climate? And a recipe from pastry chef Juan Gutierrez for vegan oreo cruffins!

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Vanilla Pastry Cream (Episode 2)

How to enjoy vanilla sustainably and deliciously – including a recipe from Baker Said M'Dahoma.

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Climate Disaster Cake (Episode 1)

What if climate change ushered in a world of permanent cake flops? Do you dare to taste the result?

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Episodes begin Monday, September 27, 2021.

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A heartfelt thank you

The Sustainable Baker Podcast came to life deep into the pandemic thanks to the support and love of a large community who humor the author’s baking nerdiness. A special shout-out to the following people, who contributed to the show’s production:

Owen A.; Clayton A.; Eve A.; Adam & Kari A.; Erin A.; Julie A. & Bob W.; John & Trish A.; Emily B.; Natasha B.; Madeleine B.; Bethany B.; Cayenne B.; Amy C.; Jerome C.; Paul G.; Hillary G.; Joe H.; Kirby H.; Ross K.; Jennifer K.; Eric K.; Jake K.; Jonah L.; Teri M.; Gretchen M.; the M.M. Family; Chelsea N.; Jesse N.; Jeremy P.; Adina R.; Tom S. & Lisa A.; Jim & Diana S.; Charlie and Mary S.; Leslie S. & Troy K.; Nancy S.; Robert S.; Isabelle S.; Andrew S.; Jeremy S.; Kyle S.; Nikhil S.; Harvey T.; Calla, Ben, and Davey W.; Analiese W.; Megan W.; and Arianna Y.